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Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Rental

Lightweight Manual Wheelchair Rental

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A Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs are the most frequently used wheelchair. The wheelchair weighs around 35 lbs. without the foot rest or elevating leg rest, have a seat width and depth between 16 and 20 inches, and have fixed or detachable armrests. They have of two small and two large wheels which are around 24" in diameter. Almost all standard wheelchairs can support up to 300 lbs.

lightweight wheelchairs covers a wide range of needs and uses. They also come in aluminum or titanium and weight around 19 lb. Ultra Light weight wheelchairs are available on request.

  • Comes standard with swing away leg rests
  • Elevating leg rest are available for $10.
  • Weight Capacity up to 300 lbs



  • The equipment is first cleaned with a dry soft cloth and air spray to get rid of all the debris and dust particles.
  • Then a 75% alcohol based disinfectant is sprayed throughout the equipment especially at the point of contact like the wheelchair arm rest and wheel rims or the Knee walker handles and seats. We let the disinfectant sit for 15 minutes  before the wipe down.
  • The mobility equipment seats are cleaned with brushes to make sure all dust, lint, hair and debris are taken out and then sprayed on with the 75% alcohol based disinfectant.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good buy and highly recommend...

I highly recommend this one. It is very lightweight and easy to lift. It also folds easily.

A true necessity !

This is a Transport Chair to get from one area to another. There has been no need for her to reach down and pick something up from the floor. We always have our hands on the chair.

Jesus Monzel
Very lightweight and easy to handle

Elderly mom is having mobility issues, so we were looking for an easy way to get her around for medical and other appointments -so this has been great. It's good looking, looks very well made, and feels very solid. Thank You!

Jammie G.
sturdy, compact, moves easily

It was reasonably light and folded nicely. It posed no problem whatsoever and performed flawlessly. Obviously I would recommend for traveling on Sea, land and air!

tim bright
Quality for price

I am please with the quality and functionality and it's easy to fold and fit into the car when necessary. It also comes with a handy tool that can be used to make any mechanical adjustments.