Collection: Medical Recliners & Lift Chairs

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If getting up and down from a sofa or chair is not as simple as it used to be or you or your loved one has gone though or is about to have a surgery, renting or buying a power lift chair may be the right move as lift chairs are a terrific aid, increasing independence, safety, comfort, and convenience. 

We carry 2 types of Power Reclining Lift Chairs:

3 Position Lift Chairs – Offer an extended reclining backrest that can be positioned in a number of recline angles, and with an ottoman, ideal for those seeking a bit more recline when watching television or relaxing.  These chairs can recline to an almost flat position and can stop at any degree of recline in between. With an ottoman, it is possible to sleep comfortably in this chair, as well as read and watch TV.


Infinite Position Lift Chairs – Also known as zero-gravity or full recline chairs, these chairs offer a full range of recline, all the way to a true sleeping position, with independently elevating ottoman for optimal comfort. They can recline into a completely flat position (where the backrest is parallel to the floor) and everything in between.

Some models can lift a person’s feet above his/her head into the Trendelenburg position or lift a person’s feet above their heart into the zero-gravity position.

Our lift chairs offer a great value with features like an integrated battery back-up, a full chaise pad, a heavy-duty motor and actuator, and an extremely durable frame, superior design with exceptional strength! Our Lift Chairs comes with dual side pockets that can conveniently store your TV remote, newspaper, or whatever else you want at hand's reach and an easy-to-use hand control.
These plush and welcoming chairs provides not only a contemporary appeal but are finely crafted with durable and long-lasting components. The lift actuator is heavy-duty without sacrificing a quiet and smooth operation.