Collection: Bathroom Safety

Many adults ages 65 and above fall in their bathroom making it the part of the house one should be the most cautious. Most of the folks who recover from these falls will have lingering injuries moving into the future that will cause them their independence. In order to manage and prevent these avoidable injuries, we have very affordable products for your convenience. 

For the bath tub we offer shower chairs with remove able back with or without handles with suction cups at the bottom of the feet for sturdiness, tub grab bars to hold on to, Transfer benches for folks who need assistance getting into the bath tub, suction grab bars that attach right on the tile wall of the bath tub for added support, hand held shower heads for convenience of sitting down on the shower chair, non-slip bath mats. We also have shower and bath stools, raised toilet seats with or without handles for round and oval commodes, 3 in 1 bed side commodes that also act of shower chairs and raised toilet seats in the bathroom and much more.