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Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Rental

Bariatric Manual Wheelchair Rental

FREE deliveries for Rentals. Rental service provided for Chicago and Chicago land area

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Rental service provided for Chicago and Chicago land area


A Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs are for individuals weighing over 3000 lbs. The seat width starts from 22" and weight capacity of up to 500lbs. Comes standard with swing away leg rests and removable desk length padded armrests. Double-embossed vinyl upholstery is durable, easy to clean and flame retardant.

  • Comes standard with swing away leg rests
  • Elevating leg rest are available for $10.
  • Weight capacity up to 500 lbs

Additional options that could be bought are gel seat cushions, foam cushions, lumbar support and Wheelchair trays. Please call and inquire about your requirements and we’ll be glad to help you in whatever way possible.



    • The equipment is first cleaned with a dry soft cloth and air spray to get rid of all the debris and dust particles.
    • Then a 75% alcohol based disinfectant is sprayed throughout the equipment especially at the point of contact like the wheelchair arm rest and wheel rims or the Knee walker handles and seats. We let the disinfectant sit for 15 minutes  before the wipe down.
    • The mobility equipment seats are cleaned with brushes to make sure all dust, lint, hair and debris are taken out and then sprayed on with the 75% alcohol based disinfectant.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Joan A. Ewing
    Excellent value, product as stated and better!!

    This chair fits my needs perfectly!! The price was excellent and the chair is well built and sturdy! Highly recommended!!!!

    Comfort and Safety

    I love this chair. It has given me a whole new outlook. I can go and do anything now. I can easily fit it in and steer it to go where I need to go and even though it weighs 60lbs, my husband can easily get it into our car. The brakes work easily with just a gentle push of your finger. Thank you for this great chair!

    Vernna bennett

    I needed a wheelchair for my mom. It fits perfectly in and out of my trunk. I have a small sedan. Easy to take a part put back together. Perfect for wide hips

    Folds easily to load in car.

    The seating comfort of the chair is excellent, yet I found the leg rests to be somewhat awkward. All the functions operate as advertised, and the overall quality appears to be very high. The wheels turn smoothly and are easy to grip. Additionally, the chair offers several adjustments, and most of them are straightforward to use.


    What are the different types of wheelchairs available for rent?

    Our wheelchairs are designed for every situation.

    The most popular manual wheelchairs are self-propelled, offering classic mobility. Power
    use joysticks for effortless movement.

    And for the little ones, pediatric wheelchairs provide comfort and support as they grow.

    The other type of wheelchair rentals includes:

    i. Lightweight Manual Wheelchair
    ii. Wide Manual Wheelchair
    iii. Transport Chair / Companion Chair
    iv. Folding Power Wheelchair
    v. Reclining High Back Wheelchair
    vi. Bariatric Manual Wheelchair
    vii. Bariatric Power Wheelchair
    viii. Power Wheelchair – Compact
    ix. Ultra Light Weight Wheelchair

    How do I choose the right wheelchair?

    Finding the perfect wheelchair is about matching your needs.

    Consider your strength and upper body mobility. If you have limited arm strength, a power wheelchair might be ideal.

    Think about your activity level - will you need manoeuvrability indoors or navigate rough terrain?

    The environment you'll use it in matters too. Will it be your primary mode of transportation or for occasional use at home?

    Consulting a healthcare professional or occupational therapist is crucial. They can assess your needs and recommend the most suitable
    type and features
    to ensure comfort, safety, and independence.

    Do you offer delivery to any address?

    Enjoy FREE delivery and pickup on all rentals within the Chicago and Chicagoland area.

    We can reach out to your homes as well as hospitals, long term facilities, hotels, convention centres etc.

    How much does a wheelchair cost to rent or buy?

    Wheelchair costs can vary depending on the type, features, and materials used. We offer rentals for as low as $28 per day approx. (minimum booking is for 3 days, i.e., $85).

    Manual wheelchairs tend to be more affordable than power wheelchairs with advanced controls and seating options.

    Our power wheelchair rental collection starts from approx. $31/day (minimum booking is for 3 days, i.e., $95).

    Adding features like specialized seating ($10/day), headrests ($5/day), and leg rests ($10/day) will also affect the price.

    Explore the entire collection here.

    Do wheelchairs fold?

    Yes, ALL our wheelchairs fold for easier storage and transportation via road, rail, air and sea.

    Can wheelchairs fit in my car and are they portable?

    Since all our wheelchairs fold, they make for easy transport and will fit in the trunk of any car.
    Smaller cars might require removing wheels or folding seats.

    Can I travel on airplanes with a wheelchair?

    Absolutely! Airlines are well-equipped to accommodate travellers with wheelchairs.

    However, there are regulations in place to ensure safety during boarding, storage, and disembarking.

    Notify the airline in advance about your wheelchair and check their specific procedures for checking it in or storing it onboard.

    You will need to tag your wheelchair just like you tag your regular baggage.

    Can the wheelchairs fit through doors of an apartment in an oldbuilding?

    Our wheelchairs will fit through ALL apartment doors whether old or new.

    They typically measure under 26 inches wide, while doorways are usually around 30 inches.

    However, older buildings might have narrower doors. If unsure, measure your doorways before choosing a wheelchair, especially if considering a larger or power chair.

    Please contact us for further details.

     What are thebenefits of using a wheelchair?

    Wheelchairs are more than just mobility aids - they're tools for independence! Here
    are a few benefits:

    i. They allow users to participate in daily activities, get to work or school, and explore their surroundings.
    ii. Wheelchairs can significantly improve quality of life by increasing mobility and fostering a sense of freedom and self-reliance.
    iii. They are conveniently lightweight, at only 16 lbs, and fold snug for easy transport via land, air, sea and rail.
    iv. Your safety is rest assured as they have small wheels and are not self-propelling, so a caregiver will be needed to push the chair.

     How do I properly care for my wheelchair?

    Regular maintenance is key to keeping your wheelchair rolling smoothly and safely.

    This includes routine cleaning to remove dirt and debris, checking tire pressure and inflation, and making adjustments to brakes and other components as needed.

    Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific care guidelines and recommended service intervals.

    How do I safely get in and out of my wheelchair?

    Safe transfers are essential to prevent injuries.

    There are proper techniques for transferring from a wheelchair to a bed, chair, or other surfaces. These techniques minimize strain and risk of falls.

    Here are a few general and safe tips of getting in and out of a wheelchair:

    • Lock the brakes: Before transferring, always lock the wheelchair's brakes to prevent it from rolling.

    • Clear the area: Make sure there are no obstacles in the way that could cause you to trip or lose balance.

    • Swing away footrests (if applicable): If your wheelchair has removable footrests, swing them out of the way to avoid tripping.

    • Ask for help if needed: Don't hesitate to ask for assistance from a caregiver or bystander if you need help transferring.

    Transferring from a Bed or Chair to a Wheelchair:

    • Scoot to the edge: Sit on the edge of the bed or chair you're transferring from.

    • Lean forward: Shift your weight forward slightly for better leverage.

    • Use the armrests: Push yourself up using the armrests of the wheelchair or the chair you're transferring from.

    Transferring from a Wheelchair to a Bed or Chair:

    • Reverse the steps: Follow the steps above in reverse order.

    • Slide or scoot: Once you're seated on the edge of the bed or chair, carefully slide or scoot back until you're fully settled.

    Additional Considerations:

    • Strength and Balance: The safest method for transferring depends on your individual strength and balance.

    • Transfer Techniques: There are various transfer techniques, such as the sliding transfer or the pivot transfer. If you're unsure which is best for you, consult with an occupational therapist.

    • Transfer Aids: Transfer aids like transfer boards or gait belts can provide additional support and stability during transfers.

    What are some wheelchair-accessible activities?

    The world is open to you! From exploring new places and travelling to pursuing hobbies and interests, there are endless possibilities for wheelchair users.

    Many historical sites, museums, and parks are now wheelchair accessible, allowing you to experience the world firsthand.

    You can also participate in various adapted sports and recreational activities designed for wheelchair use.

    How can I improve my posture while using a wheelchair?

    Maintaining good posture while using a wheelchair promotes comfort, prevents pain, and reduces the risk of pressure sores.

    Seating pressure relief cushions can help distribute weight evenly and minimize pressure points.

    Proper positioning with backrests and headrests that offer good support is also crucial.

    Talk to a healthcare professional for advice on finding the right seating system and ensuring proper posture while using your wheelchair.

    What are some common wheelchair repairs?

    Just like any other piece of equipment, wheelchairs may require occasional repairs.

    Adjusting brakes to ensure proper stopping power might be needed from time to time.

    For more complex issues like joystick malfunctions or electrical problems, seeking help from a qualified technician is recommended.

    Where can I find a wheel chair repair shop?

    Keeping your wheelchair in top condition is important.

    Look for qualified technicians who specialize in wheelchair repair.

    Many areas have dedicated wheelchair repair shops. You can also locate authorized parts suppliers in your area.