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8" Alternating/Low Air Loss Mattress System

8" Alternating/Low Air Loss Mattress System

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Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss Mattress is for patients who need to reduce or prevent decubitis ulcers. Through alternating pressure, the mattress can dynamically change patient pressure points and improve patient circulation. Other benefits of the system include microclimate control and friction reduction. The low air loss mattress is safe because it has air cells designed to minimize chance of mattress to bottom out. If there are any problems with the mattress, there are 3 audio and visual alarms that go off before it becomes a bigger issue.

The mattress construction includes twenty different air cells. Three of these cells stay filled or static at the head to keep patient comfortable during alternating cell therapy. Nine of the twenty cells come with laser hose in order to keep the patient cool and comfortable. They also decrease the needed recovery time. The pump included with the mattress delivers eight liters per minute. When the air pumps in, it goes through kink-proof spring lined tubing. In case of emergency, the mattress has CPR valves for incredibly quick deflation.


Product Features: 

  • 350LB Weight Cap


  • Auto-Firm Function
  • Seat Inflate Function
  • Pump Customizing for Individual Patients
  • 4-Way Stretch Cover
  • Zippered Cover for Easy Cleaning
  • 3-Diagnostic Alarms
  • CPR Valve for Rapid Deflation
  • EZ Lock/Quick Release Tubing Connections
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