Rental Process

How long does delivery take and can I get expedited delivery ?

  • We do same day deliveries including white glove service or the delivery can be setup according to your convenience at your chosen location even if it is at a hospital or a hotel. 
  • We will also pick up the medical rental equipment from your designated location at the end of the rental or before it if need be.

Will I get instructions on operating the medical rental equipment.

Upon delivery, instructions will be given to you with a demonstration for operation. We will make sure you are able to use the knee caddy when delivery is completed. If for some reason you feel this is not for you then please contact us immediately so that we can coordinate a more appropriate solution.

What if I want to return the medical rental equipment because it doesn't suit me or I'm unable to use it.

We will ensure that the product is perfect in every aspect and usable by you, but if you see a fault then please get in touch immediately.

  • If you call us after three days of the initial rental date for a replacement, you will be responsible for transportation cost for the replacement rental equipment ($35).
  • If you want to cancel the order after having received the rental equipment then you will be responsible for the transportation cost to and from your location ($65).

How do I confirm my booking?

You could confirm it over the phone or via the check out on the website. Please mention the start date and preferred time in the message box on the checkout page.

What if the rental equipment stops working or malfunctioning in the middle of my rental period?

We will replace the rental equipment within 24 hours at no extra cost to you.

Do you deliver wheelchairs, knee walkers and electric mobility scooters to convention centers, hotels, airports?

Yes. We will decide on a designated spot to meet you at the location of your choice and deliver the medical rental equipment there.