Procedure to acquire new medical equipment or services through your insurance:

Step 1
1) Provide your basic information.
2) Our insurance specialist will get in touch with you to get your insurance information.
3) Then they will use that information to verify if your current insurance plan will cover the new equipment or service.

Step 2
1) Contacting your physician for a prescription and any other supporting documents that your insurance might require.
2) The medical documentation is faxed or emailed to us by your physician’s staff.
3) Submitting the paperwork to your insurance for authorization. (This step is required for certain medical equipment and services.)

Step 3
1) Final step after approval, is to unbox the medical equipment at our facility, assemble and test it for workability. In case of services, a case worker or nurse will visit you home or long-term facility for a face-to-face evaluation.
2) In case of Home Maker service, you will be visited by a representative of the state to evaluate your condition and allot number of hours required for your individual needs. In this type of service, the care givers could be your family member taking care of you and they would get paid directly by the state.
3) We will then delivery your new medical equipment to your home. In case of Home Health Care service, the nurse visitations start accompanied with any therapy that were recommended. And for Home care you will be assigned set number for hours per week for your care giver to help you.
4) The delivery technician will then educate you to the usage of the medical equipment and its day-to-day maintenance for a trouble-free experience. In case of Home Maker service, the care starts immediately after the allotment of hours by the state.

Medical supplies covered by insurance
Bath safety items, Ambulatory Aids like Canes, Crutches, Walkers, Rollators, Manual wheelchairs, hospital beds and support overlay mattresses, Patient lifts, wound care, incontinence products, Nebulizers, TENS units, Oxygen concentrators etc.. are immediately available.